Post Design Layout Basics

Use tools within the editor to design your posts like a pro with Brandabl. Click the post you want to start editing and follow along to learn how to build the perfect design layout.

  • Within the Design Editor, find the menu to the left of your post
  • Click to edit: Text, Images, Backgrounds, or Shapes
  • Text Options:
    • Add Headers (headlines)
    • Add Subheadings (subheadlines)
    • Add Basic Lines of Text or Bullet Points
    • Resize your text to make it larger or smaller
      • NOTE: Most of the Brandabl posts have text in them already, but if you want to remove/add text this is how it’s done.
  • Image Options:
    • Add Brand Photos that we made for you during the post customization process
    • Add stock images from Unsplash
    • Add your logo
    • Upload your own images
      • NOTE: Unsplash is a stock photo library. Search the library to find images that best fit your design.
  • Background Options:
    • Add a solid color, a photo, or adjust the size of your background
  • Shape Options:
    • Select from a variety of shapes
    • Resize by clicking and holding on to the corner or top of the shape and making them larger or smaller
    • Colorize your shapes using the Primary or Accent colors from the dropdown menu. Or, use the multi-color slider to make shapes custom colors. (link to the design colors/styles video)
    • Move shapes to the front or back of layers by using the Arrange tool
  • Undo any changes with the reverse arrow icon above your post
  • All changes will autosave

Download or share your post using the “Post or Export” button in the upper right-hand corner (add backlink to download or post video)