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Important Takeaways from Instagram’s 2022 Algorithm Update

How to Use Instagram’s Algorithm to Your Benefit

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Being seen on Instagram is obviously very important to everyone managing a social media profile. Instagram ranks 7 in the top 10 websites visited in the world and it gets almost 3 billion visits per month. Plus, what good is it if you put in the work to create amazing posts only to end up lost in the feed shuffle? That is why, as a business owner it is so important to keep tabs on the current happenings with Instagram algorithms.

What Exactly is an Algorithm?

An algorithm is a fancy way of talking about programming codes that Instagram is adding to their platform that provides more visibility into some posts versus others. Basically, algorithms determine what posts will be prioritized in your feed.

Things that may be impacted by these updates are:

  • Which posts go to the top of a feed
  • Which stories and reels get prioritized in your feed
  • What content gets posted in the Explore tab

Disclaimer: At Brandabl, we want to keep you informed about these updates while also encouraging you not to become paralyzed by the details. It is always more important to test things out for yourself and do what works for your unique brand. Our number one rule is to post and post often. And now that we have that out of the way, here are the updates.

How Will Social Content Be Ranked?

Instagram seems to be working toward more intelligent relationship-driven algorithms. The most recent updates want to get in touch with personal daily experiences and interactions with the app. Let’s talk about the metrics that may impact your content’s ranking.

(Who) Relationships with followers: Who is the person or business posting? Are they a friend? Are they a business that you often interact with? Do you follow each other? Do you ever tag them in your posts and vice versa?

PRO TIP: Start incorporating more conversational posts. Ask your followers what they think about certain procedures. Post surveys on stories and get busy talking about your business.

(What) Is the content interesting: Instagram can now serve content that is most interesting to you. Valuable interactions that count towards “interesting content” are: time spent viewing a post, likes, comments, and profile views. For example, is someone interested in reading your beauty tips? Do they spend time checking out your before and after pics?

PRO TIP: Make sure to incorporate educational posts that capture attention and provide detailed information. Need help finding more content? Brandabl ensures that you never run out of engaging content.

(When) How current is the post: Up-to-date content is key. Only recent posts will show up in your feed. Insta also just released the ability to view your feed chronologically.

PRO TIP: Post and post again. Keeping up with your daily/weekly post schedule is perhaps the most important thing you can do to succeed on social media. Doing this gives your brand more opportunities to get noticed, keeps you relevant, and encourages your followers to stay engaged.

So, What’s the Buzz About Hashtags?

As we all know, hashtags are one of the best (and only free) ways to gain visibility beyond your own followers. Brandabl’s standard practice is to provide our members with at least 6-9 heavy-hitting hashtags that yield strategic results. We encourage you to use them and use them wisely. In fact, we’ve been known to recommend using between 8-30 hashtags per post as long as they are relevant to your audience.

Along with Instagram’s latest algorithm updates, they also updated their stance on hashtags. They now state that you should only use a maximum of 3-5 hashtags per post. Of course, they also point to other tips like using a mix of well-known and niche hashtags and using tags that your users already know and follow.

So what do you do then? Is it 8-30 or is it 3-5? Not surprisingly, some studies have shown that using more hashtags can still yield better results. But the reality is, you need to conduct your own A/B tests to see which approach works best for your brand. Testing different strategies on your social media account is the best way to go about finding your own success.

Just Give Me the Bottom Line

Instagram success is not instant. It takes planning, perseverance, and testing. Continue to read about all of the latest and greatest reports of Instagram algorithm updates and take everything with a grain of salt. Some of the best advice we can give you is to plan ahead so that you can focus on a strategy, as opposed to posting haphazard content on the fly.

Brandabl makes it so easy to schedule months’ worth of content in a single sitting. Content that would have taken ten, twenty, maybe thirty hours to create each month—now available at the click of a button. Filter posts by service, industry, season or sentiment and utilize our curated Editorial Calendars every month to ensure you’re posting the right content mix.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Keep pushing forward and partnering with platforms like Brandabl that support your success!

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