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Brandabl: The Value of Social Media Stories

The Value of Social Media Stories

How to Use Stories on Social Media to Grow Your Beauty Business

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Social media Stories have been on the scene for a while now, and for many beauty and medspa business owners, the idea of creating Stories for your brand sounds utterly exhausting. As a busy entrepreneur, social media can feel like just another check on the long list of tasks you have to keep up with to promote your business and stay relevant. Social media Stories, however, are one of your biggest assets when developing your social media marketing strategy.

According to recent Instagram statistics, 58% of users say they’re more interested in a business after seeing it in a Story with the most active businesses posting an average of 17 Stories per month.

In other words, social media Stories matter, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’ve ever been your own social media content creator, then you know there’s a lot to do: creating professional and engaging posts, responding to comments and DM’s, and now—creating Stories. But before you brush them aside, it’s important to understand just why incorporating social media Stories into your business’ marketing strategy can help:

  • Stories increase reach to expand your pool of potential clients and attract more business.
  • Stories build trust and show potential clients that you’re worth their time. You’re a professional beauty business or medspa who knows what they’re doing.
  • Stories improve engagement and generate leads, encouraging relationships with both current and potential clients.
  • Stories repurpose content to reinforce education and previous valuable content you’ve provided.
  • Stories market in real-time so clients know you’re open for business and available for services.
  • Stories keep you relevant. Your beauty business or medspa stays on top of clients’ minds.
  • Stories provide instant feedback. There’s no use in wasting your time with content that’s not working!

Social Media Stories Made Easy—And Made Just For You

If the idea of coming up with Stories stresses you out, don’t worry! In addition to our wide variety of social media posts, Brandabl now offers social media Stories to save you both time and stress! Of course..those of you who have dabbled in social media content creation may be hesitant to rely on an outsider to create your social media stories and other content.

What if it comes across as generic? What if it doesn’t fit your brand’s aesthetic?

Don’t sweat it; Brandabl is already a step ahead. Not only do we offer posts in multiple design styles to fit your unique aesthetic, but every post in your library will be branded with your unique colors! We even include your logo when applicable, and customize captions to reflect your business’ contact information, hours of operation, etc. Plus, Brandabl’s pre-made social content is further customizable right within our platform. Tweak post designs, swap out images, and edit captions however you need to best fit your beauty business or medspa’s specific services.

Master Social Media Stories with Brandabl

At Brandabl, we know the ins and outs of beauty businesses and medspas. As a platform created for beauty professionals by beauty professionals, we understand how important it is that your social media content strategy is exciting, engaging, and above all, professional. Don’t waste another second. Let our seasoned designers and professional copywriters take content creation off your plate, while taking your social media to the next level. We’ll focus on your content so you can finally focus on what matters most—your clients and your craft.

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