Medspa Buyers Journey

Incorporating the Buyer’s Journey into Med Spa Marketing

Medspa Marketing Tips and Social Media Content for Beauty Professionals

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The Buyer’s Journey

In marketing, we talk a lot about the Buyer’s Journey: awareness, consideration, and decision. This is how a prospect becomes a lead, a client, and one day a loyal advocate of your business. The key to success is creating a marketing program that continues to nurture client relationships as they develop and evolve. In this article, we’ll show you what a lead nurture campaign could look like for a medspa or similar business. 

Phase 1: Awareness

In the early stages of the buyer’s journey, you’ll simply want to build awareness. The goal is to introduce your practice, educate your audience, and establish a relationship. Focus on being helpful and building trust as opposed to selling your services. 

Ways to Build Awareness for Your Medspa

  • Write blog posts about minimally invasive treatments
  • Host a live Q&A webinar series
  • Include skincare tips and tricks in your social media content

Phase 2: Consideration

At this stage, the person is interested in learning more about your services. They are considering whether or not these services would be right for them. 

Medspa Marketing Ideas for the Consideration Stage 

  • Showcase 5-star reviews and client stories in your social media content
  • Create Before and After photo collages
  • Begin a “Treatment Tuesday” email series to educate your audience on a new treatment every week

Phase 3: Decision

At this point in the game, your lead understands the treatment and sees value in your services. It’s time to seal the deal and highlight all the reasons why they should come to your medspa instead of another.

Conversion Techniques for Medspas

  • New Client Special Eblast
  • Offer a free consultation
  • Provide product samples
  • Talk about the unique benefits of coming to your office
    • Awards
    • Experience
    • Payment Plans

Building Lifelong Fans

Congratulations on bringing in a new client! This is by no means the end of the line. It is critical that you continue to nurture the relationship and bring value to your existing clients. The goal is to delight people, creating loyal, repeat customers who will even refer your medical spa to others down the road. 

Ways to Delight Your Clients 

  • Follow up with a personal call
  • Send a survey with an incentive to complete
  • Continue to provide educational content specific to their interests
  • Create a referral program
  • Start a Birthday Club
  • Keep an updated customer profile to help you and your staff remember each customer’s preferences, conversations, and unique nuances

Health & Wellness Marketing for Your Own Business

Now that you have an understanding of the Buyer’s Journey, we hope you can then apply this knowledge to marketing your own health and wellness business. It’s also important to note that not all marketing is necessarily good marketing. Communication with your audience should always be professional and on-brand. This includes keeping your messaging consistent across every channel. Your emails and social media content for example, should be immediately recognizable to your audience. 

Increase Your Bandwidth with Brand Ready Media

Any esthetician, massage therapist, or aesthetic physician can attest to the difficulties of running a business in the service industry. Between scheduling, administrative tasks, sanitation, and appointments, most health and wellness pros don’t have the bandwidth to create compelling content. That’s exactly why we encourage businesses to lean on a social media content provider like Brandabl.

Brandabl creates stylish, curated content designed with your business’ unique look, feel, and brand voice in mind. Our goal is to free business owners from the stresses of social media content creation. We give health and wellness practitioners the opportunity to grow their business without worrying about their marketing.

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