Brandabl Member Spotlight: Pink Essence Beauty Lounge

Brandabl Social Media Library Member Spotlight: Pink Essence Beauty Lounge

A Look into the Life of an Ambitious Beauty Professional

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Meet Crystal: Professional massage therapist, part-time dance teacher, master esthetician, electrologist, owner of Pink Essence Beauty Lounge, and certified lady boss. Her fun pink and teal branding caught our attention and we loved how she’s been weaving Brandabl posts in with her own unique content. And…upon speaking with Crystal, we learned that she’s even cooler than we knew.

Crystal opened her private suite at Sola Salons just four years ago. Prior to branching out on her own, she worked as a Certified Massage Therapist in metropolitan Virginia for over 15 years. In 2019, she graduated from the Aveda Institute with a focus on esthetics. Then, in 2020, she earned her Electrology certification for permanent hair removal and in 2021, she completed her Master Esthetics License. Crystal is an impressive go-getter and a woman of many talents. We asked how she manages to do it all, and what tips she could provide to other entrepreneurs on the same path:

I would tell people to partner with companies that provide the tools that can help them get their foot in the door. Everything I’m doing is out of my pocket. I don’t have loans or investors. So I have to find the most cost effective way to advertise. If you’re doing everything yourself, ask other entrepreneurs what tools they use to make lives easier.
Great advice indeed. Crystal explained how she has used Groupon and many traditional marketing strategies over the years. She currently utilizes QR codes, scheduling softwares, email templates for E-blasts, and is no stranger to social media post-editing softwares. Which led us to our burning question…how does someone who’s “seen it all,” like Crystal, like using Brandabl?
Brandabl is user-friendly. It’s a very simple interface. You want to edit the photo? You want to edit the text? It’s easy. Sometimes I don’t have time to write hashtags and quirky quotes so when I saw your company—that actually does everything automatically—I was so happy.
As you can imagine, that was music to our ears. Brandabl was created to be exactly that—a convenient, user-friendly platform designed to make the lives of entrepreneurs like Crystal—much easier.
I’m doing a lot of branding and story building. I’m trying to freshen up my Instagram and my website. I want to get my name out there and show people that I am fun, I am engaging, and that they will have a great time at my suite…it was a struggle before Brandabl…I really appreciate you guys. Thank you for creating a platform for us entrepreneurs so we don’t have to pull our hair out.
Bravo Crystal—keep up the hustle. You’re an inspiration to other beauty professionals, and motivation for our team to keep creating quality content to support you. Thank you so much for being a part of the Brandabl family. We’re honored to focus on your content so you can focus on your clients and your craft.

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