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How to Use Hashtags Correctly in Your Social Media Content

Social Media Posts, Captions, and Related Hashtags

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Today we will be chatting about how to use hashtags correctly in your social media content. We work with a lot of medspas and other beauty and wellness businesses and have seen first-hand just how important social media and hashtags are to promoting and marketing a brand. Honing your hashtag technique is especially valuable for creating effective social media posts, captions, and building out other related wellness hashtags. This information will be useful for you on whatever platform you are using including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more!

Your best bet for a consistent social media strategy is to: 

  • First, relate to the way someone is thinking about the topic they are searching for.
  • Then, make a list of the hashtags and remember to add at least 8 to each caption. 
  • Create relevant social media posts with the hashtag included in the image and in the post caption.

Add Relatable Beauty Hashtags with Varying Search Volumes  

Your social media strategy really relies on you thinking through the train of thought someone is having while searching for the specific social media post topic. So someone contemplating getting microblading would likely search #microblading to learn more about it. On the other hand, if you offer microblading, you want that person to see your posts so you will use that hashtag in your caption. But, there is a catch: #microblading is extremely popular and it has 14 million posts associated with it. That’s great but every time someone hashtags a new post with “microblading,”  it pushes the older posts further and further out of view. 

To ensure longer-standing visibility of your post, it’s also a good idea to include related hashtags that people are likely to search for. And If you can find a hashtag that also includes your location, like #losangelesmicroblading, with 10-20k posts associated with it, you’ve hit the jackpot. That hashtag is popular without being oversaturated, and it demonstrates high intent. 

Write Social Captions that Use Your Hashtags

Once you have thought through how you want someone to find your social media content, remember to add that hashtag somewhere in your post caption. Now, there are a ton of different types of captions you can use for beauty and medspa marketing. We could (and probably will) spend an entire vlog talking about them. 

For beauty marketing specifically, client testimonials and service specials announcements are all perfect ideas for captions. Let’s stick with the microblading theme. For any text that goes on the image and in the post caption itself, you could say ‘10% OFF Sale on Los Angeles Microblading For New Clients, Voted #1 Medspa in LA Weekly Magazine’. In the post copy, you could say something like ‘We are excited to be offering 10% OFF any microblading service for new clients only. To book your appointment call us at [PHONE NUMBER] or visit our website at Tag someone in the comments that you think would love this deal! 

Consistency is the Key to Social Success

The goal of any social media strategy is to post consistently. We suggest posting at least 2-3 times per week to keep your clients engaged in your products and services. Whether you are selling beauty products, facials, or lash extensions, communicating with your clients is the key to keeping them loyal to your brand. 

Brandabl is the first ready-made social media content provider that makes marketing easy for the beauty and wellness industry. We provide stylish, curated social media content that is written and designed with your brand voice and style in mind. Stay tuned for more marketing tips and don’t forget to follow @mybrandabl on instagram and grab your FREE post of the week! You can also sign up here to be notified of exciting updates and receive other fun goodies. 

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