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Why You Need a Social Media Content Creator

Done-For-You Social That Can Grow Your Medspa or Beauty Business

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Life in the Beauty Services Industry

First of all, let’s face it, if you’ve built a career in the beauty services industry, you are a rockstar. From earning your credentials to keeping a sanitary workspace, to building a clientele and making people feel good about themselves, beauty and medspa professionals must simply be angels. How else can you explain someone that’s on their feet 24/7, providing treatments, chatting-it-up, smiling through total exhaustion, and still jumping on social media at the end of the day to promote their business?

Marketing for Beauty Professionals and Medspas

This is the daily grind for most beauty and medspa professionals. Did you know that most marketers say it can take 1—6 hours just to create one piece of marketing content? Take it from Jordana Fortaleza, founder and CEO of The Lyfestyle Co. who shared this:

“I spend more than 5 hours a week just creating social content. When you’re running a business, you don’t always want to think so hard. I’m already thinking about a million other things. I want social media and email marketing to be EASY.” 

– Jordana Fortaleza

We totally agree. Can you imagine how much more time you could restore to your week if you had someone else creating social media content for you? Having the extra help would not only free up your bandwidth but most likely save you money as well. We’re not talking about hiring a marketing agency or an intern or a freelance graphic designer. What beauty and medspa professionals need is a Social Media Content Creator.

What is a Social Media Content Creator?

Social media content creators are professional teams that create done-for-you social media content, designed and written with your unique brand in mind. Put simply, they make your job a whole lot easier. The most reputable content providers specialize in creating content for niche audiences like fitness, beauty, or health and wellness. Content creators look at your target audience and create supplemental, pre-made social media posts that relate to that exact demographic. So if you’re a beauty or medspa professional stretched to your max, make it a goal to find a social media content creator like Brandabl that can curate a collection of pre-made social media content just for you.

The Importance of Social Media Content for Medspas & Beauty Pros

Social media is at the heart of your brand. Take care of your heart. Your online presence is what humanizes your brand and strengthens your connection with your target audience (your patients and potential patients). For this reason, it’s critical to look for done-for-you social content that communicates your passion for your work, demonstrates your expertise, inspires others to take care of themselves, and provides educational information.

Finding the Right Social Media Content Creator

You might find that some social media content creators make standardized post graphics that you can’t edit. This is not something we recommend because it locks you into whatever message they put on your graphic. A customizable done-for-you social program allows you to add your own twist to the graphics like adjusting the discounts, changing promotions, replacing photos, moving your logo or swapping colors in a snap.

Brand Recognition & Reputation

With the right social media content creator, your medspa or beauty brand will shine. While you may offer similar products or services as others, your reputation will precede you. Social media is just as much a reputation management tool as it is a communication outlet. Your social media strategy will show patients and potential clients your authenticity and will create an ongoing dialog.

Great social media content creators like Brandabl will support your mission by allowing you to:

  • Quickly build your social media profile with done-for-you content
  • Customize the social media posts so they align with your branding and logo
  • Sort posts easily by category depending on your specialties
  • Find a variety of ready-made content with options to inspire, inform, and promote
  • Edit the captions so you can include sales and patient testimonials
  • Provide hashtag recommendations
  • Easily share your posts to Facebook or Instagram

High-Quality Social Media Posts Always at Your Fingertips

Done-for-you social media content creators like Brandabl are extra amazing because you can login and pull social media posts anytime. If you are an early-bird and you’re up at the wee hours of the morning, log on at the start of your day and find an inspirational post that excites you. Download right then and there and post to your account to encourage your followers and brighten their morning. If you’re more of a night owl, maybe you would prefer to browse posts after dinner over a glass of red wine. Whatever your style, done-for-you content can be pulled and posted at your leisure, whenever you have time in your busy schedule.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

In 2020, major brands are posting between 1-3 times per day. That might sound like a lot for you to handle but even just getting to 3+ times per week is a great goal for your brand. At that rate, a done-for-you social media content provider like Brandabl would save you 10 hours or more every week. So not only would this allow you to build your reputation and connection with your clients, but it would also give you back invaluable time that you could be spending on your business, your family, or yourself.

Want More Marketing Tips?

In the meantime, stay tuned for more marketing tips and don’t forget to follow @mybrandabl on Instagram to receive a FREE post every week!

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