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Uniquely Designed for Busy Beauty and Med Spa Professionals

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Do you run a med spa? Work at a beauty salon? Own your own skincare business? Maybe you’re a social media manager. The point is, Brandabl members range from sole proprietors to corporations and span from wellness coaches to physician injectors. The beauty industry is vast and expansive. That’s exactly why Brandabl was created with complete flexibility in mind. Use Brandabl wherever, whenever, and however it will most benefit you and your business.

Use Brandabl Social Media Library As You Please

Grab & go or edit & enhance your content

Post to Your Profile When You Please

Batch schedule ahead or jump in and post as you need

Approach Your Content Mix How You Please

Use Brandabl to supplement content you’re already posting, or rely solely on your Social Media Library

Grab & Go vs. Edit & Enhance

Every Brandabl post comes complete with graphics, captions, and hashtags included. Plus, each one is customized to reflect your pre-selected colors, your logo (when applicable), your branding, and your messaging (company name, hours of operation, etc). Everything in your Social Media Library is tailored uniquely to you—right out of the gate. In fact, many Brandabl members post their content as-is, without ever touching the Design Editor. Some members, however, prefer to edit, enhance, and further customize their content.

For those that wish to add their own touch, Brandabl makes it ultra simple to adjust and alter any post—right within the software. Our Design Editor allows you to quickly modify text, add, delete or replace photos, adjust colors, shapes, logos and lines, or even change hashtags and captions. So, whichever type of Brandabl member you are, lean into the convenience of ready-to-post content in whatever fashion it best suits your brand.

Schedule Ahead or Live on the Edge

Depending on how your business is structured, you might be the type of member to batch schedule your content ahead of time. Or, conversely, it might better fit your lifestyle to pop into Brandabl for 5 minutes every day between clients and push up individual posts. Regardless, it’s never been easier to take advantage of our done-for-you social media content. The first time you select “Export or Post”, you’ll be instructed to connect your social media accounts. Follow the prompts and from that moment forward, you’ll have the ability to post immediately to your profile, save the post to your device, or schedule your content with Buffer. If you’ve never used Buffer, it’s a wonderful social media scheduling tool with both free and paid membership options available; we encourage all members to check it out.

Supplemental Support or Stand-Alone Content

Brandabl can be used in tandem with content you’re already creating, or it can be used as the centerpiece of your social media presence. As a member, you get unlimited access to thousands of social media posts—and we’re adding more every day! This means, whether you use Brandabl to supplement an existing social media strategy, or rely on Brandabl completely, you won’t run out of fresh, interesting content. In fact, our strategic content mix ensures that your profile never gets stale. We provide five genres of posts for our members specifically designed to hold the attention of your audience:
Long story short, Brandabl covers all the bases so your content never falls flat.

You Do You

Our goal is simple: to make your life easier. There are no rules; Brandabl gives you the content and you’re free to use it as you please. Push it to Instagram Stories, repurpose captions for Twitter, share inspirational posts on LinkedIn, or even utilize Brandabl graphics in your email newsletters. Our posts can be the foundation or the focal point. Use the content as it comes, or further customize it to fit your business’ needs. Seriously babe—it’s your world, we’re just livin’ in it.

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