Joy Whittemore

From the time Joy was a little girl she has always been passionate about holistic health and beauty from the inside out. Being raised in the hills of sunny Southern California gave her a natural appreciation for taking care of oneself. She drinks approximately 2 ½ liters of water a day and partakes in outdoor activities like biking and hiking, always using the best beauty products and treatments before and afterward to keep her skin glowing. Born with a knack for marketing, she started her first business Joy and Co., a saddle cleaning company at the age of eleven. After years of being a creative spirit at design agencies and a couple fortune 500 gigs, she turned her dreams into reality and partnered with Anya Smilanick, her long time friend and business colleague, to create Brandabl. She loves Brandabl because it gives her the opportunity to fulfill her life purpose by sharing beauty, health, and holistic wellness content and education with other amazing business-focused rockstars.

Who is Brandabl?

Over the years, our team of marketing specialists have run impactful campaigns for med spas, aestheticians and wellness centers. Yet, all too often, we see practitioners get so busy with day-to-day business, that their social content falls by the wayside. That’s what inspired us to create Brandabl.