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What is Curated Content for Social Media?

Everything You Need to Know About Curated Content and Social Media Content Providers

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We’ve all seen fashion makeover shows where a stylist wheels out a rolling rack of clothes perfectly selected for the participant…watched enviously as the client tries on dazzling outfits in just the right cut, color, and size. How life-changing would that be?! Although most of us will never have a personal fashion stylist at our beck and call, this concept is the inspiration behind curated content for businesses.

Social media content providers like Brandabl specialize in providing ready-to-post content, pre-curated for your brand. Instead of hunting for images, wracking your brain for content ideas, or doing hashtag research, you could be focusing on your clients and your craft. Sounds magical, right? It really is. Curated content (also known as ‘ready-made social content’ or ‘brand-ready media’) can save your brand a tremendous amount of time and stress. Of course, not all curated content is created equal. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what high-quality curated content looks like and what you can expect when you’re comparing social media content providers for your wellness or medspa business.

Customized Branding

Top-tier content providers understand the importance of tailoring content to your unique brand. Brandabl members, for example, go through a comprehensive onboarding process where we get to know their style and voice. During onboarding, you could expect us to ask you things like:
  • Which best describes your brand: clean & minimal, fun & playful, luxurious & high-end, and/or organic & natural?
  • What is your brand’s communication style: relaxed & casual, formal and business-like, and/or modern & hip?
You’ll also have the opportunity to specify your brand colors, set your contact information, and upload your logo so that we can tailor your social media content from day one. Curated content is intended to blend seamlessly with your own existing and ongoing posts so your social profile looks and sounds consistent.

Graphics, Captions, and Hashtags Included

Although some social media content packages only include the graphics, a high-quality content provider like Brandabl will provide the graphics AND the captions for your post. We actually give you the recommended hashtags and emojis too. The goal of curated content is to simplify social media marketing entirely so that you have to think as little as possible.


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Written By Industry Professionals

Many companies offer bundles of pre-made social media posts but as with anything, it’s important to consider the quality and accuracy of the source. Brandabl, for example, specializes in creating social media content for the medspa, beauty, and wellness industries. Our curated content is ultra-specific and written by seasoned industry professionals so that your brand looks and sounds its very best.

Easily Editable Graphics

The best content providers will make it easy to edit your content if necessary. Questions to consider when comparing content providers: Will I have access to the raw files? Do I know how to use the program (most likely Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) that the files were designed in? At Brandabl, we recognize that most medspa or wellness business owners won’t have access to Adobe Creative Suite and aren’t trained in graphic design. That’s why our posts are editable right from our Brandabl dashboard. Need to change a special at the last minute? No problem! Just log in and edit the text on your image in seconds.

Multi-Use Content

A reputable content provider will utilize royalty-free images that can even be used in print promotions. Brandabl also calls out all content that’s suitable for digital social media ads separately in our content library. This is because Facebook, for example, requires that text on ad images take up less than 20% of the graphic (in addition to many other stipulations). It’s always best to clarify details with your content provider and ask whether their organic posts can double as ads so there are no surprises down the line.

Education and Engagement

Curated content is strategic. An experienced content creator will provide you with a healthy combination of educational, inspiring, promotional, and engaging posts. Some providers, like Brandabl, will also offer holiday-specific content or templates for giveaways and contests. It’s very important to include a variety of interactive content on your account to hold the interest of your audience.

Convenient & Affordable Marketing

Curated content is a collection of pre-made social media posts designed to take the guesswork out of marketing your medspa or wellness business. It alleviates the need for a social media marketing department and allows entrepreneurs to redirect their time and energy to other important aspects of their business. If you’re looking to step up your social media game and present your business more professionally online, curated content could be an excellent solution. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have regarding curated content or growing your wellness or medspa business.

Want More Marketing Tips?

Brandabl is the first curated content provider that makes marketing easy for the beauty and wellness industry. We provide stylish, ready-to-post social media content that is written and designed with your brand voice and style in mind. Stay tuned for more marketing tips and don’t forget to follow @mybrandabl on Instagram and grab your FREE Post of the Week on Facebook! You can also sign up to be notified of exciting updates and receive other fun goodies.

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